Messer Market Advantage $2,500 Price Match Guarantee:


Gene Messer Ford is very proud to be Amarillo’s top volume Ford dealer and there is nothing that we value more than our customers, we know our loyal customers have options when it comes to purchasing a new Ford and it is our commitment to our customers and community to show that we are willing to pay for the opportunity to do business with YOU! Often, we are told that our competitors “had a cheaper price, but we would have preferred to buy from Gene Messer.” So here is our solution:



We encourage our customers to find the best deal possible at any other dealer in the country, bring us the offer, and allow us to help you keep your business at Gene Messer Ford Amarillo. If we are unable to meet or beat the best pricing on a New Ford, we will cut you a check for $2,500! What’s the catch, you ask? Review the guidelines below and see if you can find one.



Gene Messer Ford Amarillo will match the purchase price and/or discount on any New/Non-specialty vehicle in stock. A price match from a competitive dealer must be compared to the same year/model/pep code vehicle’s MSRP, excluding vehicles with over 500 miles, excluding vehicles with past or present damage, and/or having over $2,000 in dealer installed accessories. Rebates/Incentives are based off the address the vehicle is registered at the same value to every dealer, so only the price or discount will be matched.

Also, we are always in need of good trade in vehicles, but due to the volatile nature of the used car market, every effort will be made to match a competitive trade appraisal but is not guaranteed in the Messer Market Advantage. What is needed from the customer? Not much, just a signed deal sheet from the competitive dealer on the New Ford of your choice.

We will then match the purchase price of a stock vehicle of equal or lesser value. If the Gene Messer Vehicle is of greater MSRP, then the discount will be matched instead. If Gene Messer Amarillo is unable to match the purchase price (or discount if applicable) then the customer shall provide in writing the intent to purchase from the competitive dealer on the same vehicle provided (by customer) on the deal sheet at least 24 hours prior to purchase.

Once the vehicle has been purchased and registered using the same information from the original competitive dealership, a check for $2,500 will be issued to the customer within 10 business days of the notification of registration from the customer. Stock vehicles that do not qualify are SVT, Shelby, or any other Special Edition vehicle. Gene Messer dealer installed accessories are not included in price match.


Gene Messer Ford of Amarillo is located at: 3400 Soncy Street • Amarillo, TX 79119

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