Why Is My Ford Check Engine Light Active?

why is my ford check engine light active?

Gene Messer Ford Amarillo invites you to find out why your Ford check engine light is active.

The check engine warning light warns drivers of possible engine problems or even total failure. Your check engine light might come on because of many reasons. It may be small things like a simple sensor failure, alerting you to do maintenance, or even to be on the lookout for major problems that might cause engine failure. So, just because the check engine warning light turns on, it may not be a complete disaster. However, when your check engine warning light does come on, we suggest bringing it to us for a full diagnostic inspection as quickly as possible. Even if nothing feels broken, having it diagnosed can be the difference between needing to replace your engine and a cheap repair.

The Gas Cap is Failing

Failing Gas Cap

Something as silly as not replacing your gas cap or not replacing it correctly could easily cause a check engine light. A gas cap will probably need to be replaced during your time of ownership. After 50k miles, you may want to replace a gas cap. If it’s time to replace your gas cap, we highly suggest genuine OEM replacement parts. Using parts from big box stores will work in a pinch, but nothing is better than original parts from the manufacturer.

O2 Sensors in The Car are Failing

Oxygen Sensors in The Vehicle are Faulty

There are several sensors that feed information to your engine to help it work efficiently. However, bad sensor readings from components like the MAF sensor or the oxygen sensors can cause a check engine warning light to come on. If your vehicle seems normal, a faulty oxygen sensor is the most likely culprit. This could mean your car is running normally, but because the engine isn’t receiving the information, it triggers the warning. Even if your car feels normal, you should get it checked out ASAP to rule out any potential more serious problems.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs in The Vehicle are Bad

Spark plugs are vital to the performance of your car’s engine. As the name indicates, spark plugs provide a spark of electricity that ignites the fuel and causes your engine to run. Spark plugs demand very exact tolerances for optimal effectiveness, and if the spark plug gap is wrong, it could potentially trigger a check engine light. Symptoms of bad spark plugs include diminished MPG rates, less engine power, and your engine just doesn’t run smoothly.

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