Why Is My Ford Oil Light Active?

why is my ford oil light active?

Gene Messer Ford Amarillo welcomes you to discover why your Ford oil light is active.

When the oil light turns on in your dash, it can be a little scary. Engines need oil, and a lack of oil can have destructive consequences. Before you get too worried, ascertain which oil light is lit, do a few simple checks to see maybe why it’s on, and then figure out the next step. However, if you hear a ticking sound when the light turns on, you should pull over as soon as you can. A ticking engine combined with an oil light likely means that your engine is getting damaged, and continuing to drive it in this condition could destroy your engine.

What's The Difference Between The Oil Change Light vs. Oil Warning Light?

Is It Just The Oil Change Light, Or Is It Just The Oil Warning Light

Making sure it’s not just a scheduled maintenance reminder is your first step to understanding your oil light. The maintenance reminder might have the same warning lights and alarm, depending on your car. If you are past due on your recent oil change, it might even say ‘Change Oil Now.’ It’s not quite as bad as the oil light but ought to be corrected, so let us do it to avoid any further problems.

 My Car Is Leaking Oil

My Car Has Low Oil

The oil light can be triggered if your engine is leaking oil. Some common reasons for leaking oil are:

  • Oil filter replaced incorrectly
  • Drain plug not correctly sealed
  • Worn engine gaskets
  • Oil filler cap is not fully tightened

Even if you are not a mechanic, you can open the hood and look for signs of leaks. The engine will be dirty, but you can spot a probable oil leak if you see greasy, wet spots in the engine bay. Adding oil between oil changes can be a band-aid fix, but it can still eventually produce low oil pressure if it is not taken care of and cause engine damage.

What Happens If My Car Has Low Oil Pressure?

What Happens If My Car Has Low Oil Pressure?

Low oil pressure means not all internal components of the engine are not being lubricated correctly. An engine that is not correctly lubricated will get damaged and cause total failure. If you have confirmed the engine has the correct oil levels, then the oil light could be anything from the oil pump, a sensor, or even low oil pressure. Your vehicle needs to be immediately checked out by our technicians in these situations. As stated earlier, running an engine on low oil pressure will likely cause engine failure.

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